“Art is never finished, only abandoned” Leonardo Da Vinci


I’ve always loved art — seeing it, learning about it, experiencing it, and creating it. I paint because it relaxes me. I paint because suddenly the mood takes me. I paint because someone has asked me for something personal. I paint because I love brilliant colors! I paint because I have an idea – a thought about a place or location and I need and desire to pull out a canvas and get out the paints, mix the perfect color and choose just the right brush. At different times the reason I paint, the motive, changes but the result is always the same, creating makes me happy.

Visiting the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, in 2013, was a particularly rewarding experience.
To see the wonderful paintings from the great masters up close and personal was very inspiring. Below are some the art works we got to see and I hope you will enjoy them as well.